Protea mining chemicals [photo] 

Protea Chemicals Namibia

In addition to Protea Mining Chemicals business activities within Sub-Saharan Africa, Protea's mining business operates in Namibia under the Protea Chemicals Namibia brand. This business is a division of Omnia Group's offshore company, Omnia Group International situated in Mauritius. However, Protea Mining Chemicals retains management and strategic control of its Namibian operations.

Protea Chemicals Namibia has its headquarters in the Port of Walvis Bay where it has approximately 27 000m² of available land with 20 000m² under roof bulk warehousing space (as per below picture):

Namibia [photo]

Using the above warehousing facilities, Protea Chemicals Namibia imports and distributes various chemicals sourced both locally and from around the world.

Protea Chemicals Namibia also offers customised business solutions whereby critical service components are introduced to manage bulk chemical handling on behalf of certain customers. An example of this type of business model employed in Namibia is the management of the loading and safe handling of up to 365ktpa of bulk sulphuric acid which is distributed locally and internationally by rail and road logistics.

Since 2005, Protea Chemicals Namibia, has successfully supplied in excess of 100ktpa of various chemicals to surrounding Namibian mines and Copperbelt region. An additional benefit associated with this to the Mines in Namibia is that they are able to trade with a Namibia-registered Company thus assisting in the qualification on the TESEF Broad-Based Empowerment Procurement process.

Protea Chemicals Namibia currently employs in excess of seventy personnel and is currently embarking on capital investment programmes.

Protea Chemicals Namibia has strategic relationships with preferred service providers including clearing and forwarding agents, Namport and land based logistics companies.