Protea mining chemicals [photo] 

Flocculant blending

Protea Mining Chemicals supplies a broad range of top quality polyacrylamide flocculants under the ProFloc brand name.

The ProFloc range includes cationic, anionic and nonionic powder grades and our team is skilled at the evaluation of flocculant performance either on site or at our laboratory in Wadeville and then making the appropriate recommendations. Assessments of flocculant make-up and dosing plant and procedures enable our team to make proposals to improve on both flocculant performance as well as to reduce usage.

During bench testing to evaluate flocculant performance it is often found that a combination of different flocculants gives the best performance in terms of settling rate and clarity. Protea Mining Chemicals operates a blending facility in Wadeville where we can produce custom blends of two or more grades of flocculant in order to offer the optimum product for each application. This facility also enables us to pack flocculant in customised pack sizes based on customer make-up requirements.